what is your rock/metal theme song?

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Beaver said:
Jan 8 '17, 3:02PM

HIM: Vampire Heart

Well...the name suites me...

Tess Gillett said:
Oct 25 '14, 2:05PM

Afi....damn....i wanted 3DG

katd13 said:
Aug 2 '12, 11:11PM

I was hoping for Three Days Grace. They're my favorite band

Raeyasha said:
Aug 1 '12, 11:30AM

Avenge sevenfold, ok but I was hoping for something be Bullet for my Valintine or by Three Days Grace.

joeline said:
Jan 17 '11, 5:04PM

i`ll think it was good enof

musicgirl said:
Sep 2 '10, 11:43PM

Oh yeah, Puppy xo1! I got the same answer! But I totally love Evenescence! They're totally amazing! And Fall Out Boy. But Cool quiz.

DropDeadPunk said:
Sep 3 '09, 7:49PM

all these songs suck basically

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