What is your movie theme song?

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ColliesRule35 said:
Mar 23 '15, 11:23PM

Pink Panther. Perfect description too!

Inloveandstuff said:
Jul 6 '13, 7:28PM

yay, the incredibles! I aimed for that

yfjfy said:
Jan 10 '13, 4:48PM

what is that blank question no. 6

Raeyasha said:
Aug 1 '12, 11:26AM

Pink panther, ok then.

mcr4life said:
Mar 15 '12, 4:48PM

pirates of the caribean! i love that movie!

Jules1999 said:
Aug 15 '09, 8:39PM

Ultimate panther style! You are slick, yet clumsy. And you have a habit of breaking things. However, nothing can stop you from succeeding. And Pink is always in stile, ignore the compassion!

Jame s Bond theme

Imperial March

Pirates of the Caribean

The Incredibles

haha ha im so clumsy that is so true

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