what is your future

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Home gurl said:
Jan 1 '13, 11:45AM

@BO Lol xD

Beatle Obsessed said:
Dec 30 '12, 4:28PM

@Neon xD with me to help shape your life? NEVER! Jk... @Home gurl: Same

Home gurl said:
Dec 30 '12, 9:04AM

unfortunately your boyfriend and father of your kids left you a single mother but your kids will be adorable!! the gitl with pig-tails and the boy ae twins and the blonde one is the little sis,you'll have the best bond,and they will be child models!,you will be a nurse,and you will be a pretty girl,who is an amazing mother,dont worry about the men,you will find a very hot one who you'll marry and never divorce,hes slso good with kids

Uhm? xD Wow.. Made my day.. In a weird way. xD

NeonHedgehog said:
Dec 29 '12, 9:29PM

Never thought I'd get marry. Always thought I'd end up as a bum or hobo.

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