What Horse Colour Are You?

Horses come in a variety of shapes and sizes ... but also *colours*. There are the golden palominos to the shady blacks to the graceful greys ... so much variety, it's hard to choose which you like best!

Now ... have you ever wondered, if you were an equine, what you would be? What you would do? What breed? What colour? Unfortunately, once quiz can't identify all of that at the same time ... but it will try and determine you equine self's colour. I hope you like it, so enjoy!

Created by: izzyhorselover
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3. Your friend is having a party, and you're probably going to have a swim in her pool. Your choice of swimsuit is ...
a gorgeous bikini
some swimwear, with a rash top and board shorts over them
uh ... whatever I can find, I guess
something covered in a wacky colourful pattern!
a normal one. I'd bring a spare, in case anyone forget theirs.
"Poolside"? No way! I'd go to a creek ... or a forest stream ...
4. If somebody took a tour of your wardrobe, what would they see?
Not much. I lend a lot of my clothes to other people.
T-shirts with hilarious slogans on them!
Practical clothes. Sure they're a little stained ... good for hiking, though!
Clothes. Durr ...
All the latest fashions!
I'd never let anyone root through my clothes!
5. You are going on a horse trek with your friends, and you are allowed to choose your own horse. You choose ...
the one that the guide says can be trusted with a baby
the one who pulls a face at you and seems to have a sense of humour
the one with the pretty build and gorgeous mane
the well-behaved one ... after you've helped your friends find good horses
the one that suits your riding ability, of course!
the one that the guide will allow you to ride bareback
6. Your dream saddle is ...
anything I can put on a horse's back and sit on
something normal, that won't draw too much attention
something comfortable to sit in
a fancy, eye-catching show saddle
a saddle patterned with crazy colours and shapes. Awesome ...
no saddle. Bareback.
7. You are at a riding lesson and your riding teacher says you are riding Thunderhead, the fastest pony in the barn. You've never ridden him before, and in your last lesson he bucked someone off! You reaction ...?
Whoop with delight! This is going to be FUN!
Oh great! Now you could fall and mess up your new jodhs ...
Start shaking. You're dead meat.
Feel quite nervous, and try not to annoy him by being extra gentle
Sigh. It'll be a challenge, but your riding teacher believes you can do it, so you'll try.
Try some horsewhispering techniques before the lesson. Let him know you are not a threat, but are in charge.
8. You are riding Sheba, the gentlest pony at the yard, on a forest trail. Suddenly, a dog leaps out of a bush yapping and your horse takes off, finally dumping you unceremoniously in the middle of a creek. You feel ...
Amused. That was actually fun! Let's do it again!
Terrified. You definitely don't want to get back on!
Indignant. Isn't the horse supposed to be well-behaved?
A bit shocked. But anyway, back into the saddle!
Sorry for the horse. It got a bad fright!
A little miffed at yourself for not paying closer attention. You could have prevented the bolt.
9. You couldn't live without ...
... horses.
... friends.
... a refuge.
... fashion.
... breathing.
... humour.
10. What horse colour do you think you're going to get?
Um ... is this a trick question?
Something pretty?
I'm not saying!
I haven't got a clue. Tell me!
None of these answers are real colours!
11. Which group contains you favourite sorts of breeds?
Arabian, Akhal-Teke, Saddlebred ...
Mustang, Przewalski, Brumby ...
Shetland, Falabella, Welsh Pony ...
Quarter Horse, Stock Horse, Cleveland Bay ...
Lipizzaner, Andalusian, Lusitano ...
Appaloosa, Pony of the Americas, Knabstrup ...
12. This is your last question. How did you feel about this quiz?
I don't need to tell you that!
Meh. Could've been riding.
It was okay, I guess!
Too many of these on the web ...
I've seen crazier ...
Awesome! Can't wait to see what I am!

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