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Say wha said:
Mar 10 '15, 3:15AM

93% Boycut, 92% Shoulder Length, 88% Long, and Blonde don't remember the others.

Hair said:
Sep 10 '14, 2:50AM

I love long hairstyle

Short Hair Salons

lostinlove13 said:
Feb 23 '14, 2:11PM

complete shave. Are you kidding me. I love my long hair that ain't right. :(

kitties85 said:
Feb 7 '12, 9:23PM

what the heck is wrong with boycut? my hair is boycut and im a girl and i look better than i ever have!

dfzs said:
May 20 '11, 1:57PM

shoulder length! :D yaay, exactly what I want!
I might as well get some side bangs with that

Sweetblood2 said:
Apr 1 '09, 5:43PM

ur fricken lucky u got short and spiky hair is awesome! I got boycut, AND IM A GIRL!

caketoys said:
Jan 10 '09, 11:02AM

Boy cut... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Nuu way D:
I'd look like an Idiot ¬¬

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