What Final Fantasy X Character Are You?

Of course, any RPG gamer would know and love the game Final Fantasy X. With its beautiful and colorful graphics and amazing storyline, the game is legit for any newbie gamer or greatly experienced one. If you're a Final Fantasy lover, please continue:)

Now that you've played or are currently playing the game,you can see what Final Fantasy X character truly fits you:) Take my quiz and find out what FFX character you are! Answer all questions honestly and wisely!

Created by: Lee Leedy of Vampirefreaks
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Which of these abilities would you rather possess?
White Magic (the power to heal and recover you and your friends, and bring others back to life)
Black Magic (the power to control elements to use against the enemy such as fire, water, etc.)
Mixing (the ability to mix together substances to create bombs and dangerous gases or fumes)
Weaponry (to be able to handle a sword, spear, or other weapon during battle)
4. What's your social life like?
I don't have many friends, maybe a few
I have a decent amount of friends
I have a lot of friends
I'm very outgoing, anyone could be my friend
5. Would you go out of your way to help out a friend?
it would depend on if I was busy or not
6. How would you explain the way you dress?
Darker, like Tripp pants, chains, fishnets, etc.
Skater, skinny jeans, converse shoes, band tees, etc.
I just like to look nice always
Whatever is clean, I'll put it on
7. You've been talking to someone on the phone for about 2 weeks.They seem like a likeable person.Are you ready to meet them in person right away or wait a little longer?
I wanted to meet them a week ago!
I'm ready and eager
I'm still really nervous
No,I'm going to wait a little longer
8. You get challenged to a Chocobo race.What's your response?
Let's do it!
Give me some time to ready up
I'd rather not
What the hell is a Chocobo?
9. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is over.Would you rather stay home and watch movies or go out and do something?
Stay home and watch movies
Go out and do something
Screw that! We're gonna get down and dirty
10. Which video game best suites your taste?
Super Mario Brothers
The Sims
Grand Theft Auto
Devil May Cry
none of the above
11. Someone says "Ew you're hideous." What's your response?
"Ew,what is that??? Oh,sorry,it's just your face."
"No need to be a dick."
"You're probably right..."
"I'll torture you in front of your family and make them watch."
12. Someone is badly beating up your friend.Which would you do?
jump in and kick the bully's ass
run and get some help
Try to pull your friend out of the fight
Let the fight go, then corner the bully later with a group of your friends for double the beating
13. Which is your best response if someone picks a fight with you?
I'll throw the first punch if they have the nerve to threaten me
I'll only fight if they hit me first
I usually try to avoid it with talking it out
I try to go get help or run
14. How would you explain your usual activeness?
I'm usually hyper and ready to have fun
I'm really chill most of the time
I'm really calm and quiet usually
What? I'm sorry,I was sleeping.
15. What is your favorite kind of day?
16. Is the glass half empty or half full? (think about this carefully)
half full
half empty
17. Are there things you did in the past that you regret?
No, because what would life be like now if I hadn't done them?
Not that I know of
Yes, but I learned from them and I keep looking forward
Yes, and I'd give anything to take them back
18. If you're a girl,which would you wear to the pool?
Bikini, I'm not ashamed of anything
One piece, I don't like showing my belly
A T shirt with my bathing suite underneath. Low self esteem
I don't like going to the public pool
I'm not a girl
19. If you're a boy,which would you wear to the pool?
I'd go naked if I couldXD
Swimming trunks, no shirt
T shirt and trunks, I don't like to show my body
I don't like going to the public pool
I'm not a boy
20. Which genre of music do you prefer?
rap/hip hop
country/soft rock
21. Which is the best way to let out some steam when you're angry?
punch a hole in the wall
do something active to take your mind off of it
listen to music or read
talk to someone about it
22. Which animal would you rather be?
23. Which color do you like the most?
blue (any shade)
neon green
purple(any shade)
red(any shade)
24. If you had to commit a murder,would it be brutal such as hacking them up? Or quick and easy such as poisening them?
Brutal, the sight of their blood would satisfy me
Quick and easy, that way it won't be messy and I can get it over with
I couldn't kill anyone! How horrible!
25. Last question, did you enjoy this quiz?
It was somewhat entertaining
it kinda sucked

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