what do you know about cats?

how much do you truly know about cats? you might know allot you might know few but you can find out here! PS i truly hope you do ha ha ha em well see ya!

but do you really know much about cats? well you might i assume but do you? it could be hard to know some things that i know i just kinda like em!!!!!

Created by: layla

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  1. how do cats land on their feet?
  2. how come cats rub against things?
  3. why do cats rub against your legs?
  4. what is a true fact?
  5. why are cats skin pink?
  6. why do cats always smile?
  7. is this considered a question?
  8. why do cats have different shades of colored fur?
  9. is this the last question?
  10. is this an awesome quiz?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about cats?