What Dino or Pre-historic Animal are you?

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watermelon lupin said:
Sep 4 '15, 7:13AM


0Blue Rose0 said:
Oct 27 '13, 4:28PM

Meh. I didn't like this quiz. Despite the way they've been portrayed in movies, saber-toothed cats weren't just big felines with enormous front teeth. The whole lifestyle of saber-toothed cats revolved around using their canines to wound and kill prey, most often giant herbivorous mammals, but also early hominids and other big cats. (Cat expert here) :P Cheetahs (closest living relative to Saber Tooth Cat) and Lions are MUCH closer than tigers.

Jan 4 '13, 10:39PM

Ah. Ima saber tooth. How nice :3

Kepler said:
Aug 18 '12, 12:57AM

I'm a Mammoth. Well, I definitely have enough hair...

pikapika7 said:
Jul 23 '12, 12:00PM

IMMA NOT A wait i am a velocoraptor

DOLFY said:
Jun 2 '11, 11:35PM

I got sabertooth tiger

You are a Saber Tooth Tiger. While you look really tough you're actually a push over. You're very sensative and have dental problems despite the fact that you floss vigorously. You eat meat for show when really you'd rather a salad.

the quiz is so..cool..

scorpion said:
May 29 '11, 1:01AM

Your Result: Mammoth

You are a Mammoth. You're awesome. Matt and Julia are in love with you. Mammoth's were traditionally very wise and good at carrying groceries around on their tusks. They also enjoyed clubbing people with their tusks. You became extinct because you couldn't find food.

Im a mammoth thats cool. but yeah who is Julia and Matt. im guessing the creator of the quiz is the same Matt.

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