What D&D Class are you

Well this quiz is for all you D&D nerds, like me, out there that have trouble putting your personality into your D&D Charater. This quiz will tell you which Class you should pick.

I made this just for the heck of it. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I don't know if you will take any value from the quiz, but hey, for the 5 minutes it took you, you weren't bored.

Created by: Josh
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You and your friend find a wallet lying on the street. You and him both go for the wallet. How do you get it before him?
You knock him down
Your let him have it. Who cares?
You distract him and swipe it without him noticing
You pursuade him that the wallet isn't ours and we should turn it in.
You sit down with him and talk about who needs it more.
You tell him god wants you to have it.
4. A bully is picking on you little brother. You meet this bully. Now what?
Tell him about how bulling doesn't pay.
Tell a teacher about the bully and let them deal with it.
Confront the bully in a non-violent way, but if he attacks you knock him out
Pick him up by the collar and the him he better stop or you'll beat him up.
Tell him god doesn't like bullies.
Sneak up on him and grab him around the neck and threaten him.
5. You get grounded for breaking curfew. But there is a party you really want to go to. What do you do.
Go to bed, nothing else to do.
Catch up on some homework you forgot to do.
Go right out the front door.
Sneak out the widow.
Ask god to forgive you for breaking the rules
Blare the radio and sing at the top of your lungs and annoy your parents.
6. You see the girl of your dreams and this time to vow to ask her out. How do you do it.
Google her and find what she likes and use the information you found.
Go right up to her and ask.
Invite her to your church play. Maybe the creativite will win her hear.
Write her a song and sing it to her.
Eliminate the competition first to make you look better.
Wait, maybe she'll ask you.
7. You find Your wounded dog on the side of the road. What do you do?
Put it out of it's misery.
Take it to the vet
Take it home and nurse it back to heath
Examine it's wounds and decide if it will live or not.
Sing it's favorite song and put it to sleep
Pray that god will heal it.
8. You come home to find that your sister has broken your favorite toy. Now what?
Break her favorite toy. An eye for an eye.
Tell your parents and have them deal with it.
Oh well, i have others.
Steal her favorite and hide it from her as punishment.
Fix it.
Forgive her. It's all material possesions anyway.
9. A new kid moves into your school. He is the funniest person you've ever seen. How do you greet him?
If he want's to talk to you he'll come to you.
Invite him into your youth group.
Pick on him.
Get to know him. He may be smart.
Get your friends together and take him into your group.
Show him around a bit
10. You walk into the armory to buy a weapon. Which one do you pick?
1-handed sword (longsword)
Quaterstaff, my magic should suffice
1-handed axe (battle axe)
None, my hands are weapon enough
Club, i prefer to Knock out my foe, not kill them
Something small, easier to hide
11. Now it's time to pick your armor. What do you wear?
As heavy as it can get (platemail)
My robes are fine, armor is too constricting
Something light that can protect me as well as let me stay quiet too.
12. You have saved for years to afford an house. What do you buy?
A theater with an apartment upstairs.
A secluded log cabin in the woods.
Something close to a good church.
A tower with a vast library.
No need, my monestary provides housing for me.
A house where i'm stationed in the army

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