What Crazy Place Fits You?

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Many people have plans to live their lives in California, Miami, New York, Boston, and so forth. But haven't you ever thought about living somewhere absolutely crazy? Get a new view---On a crazy place to live!

So where would you live? What crazy place fits you best? Until now, knowing what crazy place fits you didn't matter! But think about it . . The future's coming . .Wouldn't you like to know what crazy place fits you? Let's find out!

Created by: SmallvilleLuv

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First, tell me, of the following answers, what do you like best?
  2. Favorite category of colors?
  3. Pick one (#1)
  4. Pick one (#2)
  5. Favorite Food?
  6. Favorite type of shoes . . . This one might be hard. xD
  7. Pick one (#3)
  8. In the game clue, who would you choose?
  9. Which hero/superhero do you like better?
  10. Pick one (#4)
  11. Pick one (#5)

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