What country should you live in?

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Nikt said:
Jun 10 '15, 11:30AM

Nice quiz. I'm moving to England (27 days left). I wish I born in Greece. And I've got Greece (87%). And England was second (63%).

Swimclub11 said:
Sep 19 '14, 7:43PM

i got Greece.

Inloveandstuff said:
Aug 22 '13, 11:19PM

and lolsj, or whatever your name is, you do realize its not old everywhere in Canada, right? if you hate stereotypes so much, perhaps you should do more research, huh?

Inloveandstuff said:
Aug 22 '13, 11:17PM

You would be perfect in Greece! You enjoy art! Greece is full of monuments, artsy buildings, paintings and sculptures just like your dreams! This is your dream home the perfect place to start or finish that art collection!

I live in Canada.

lolsj said:
Sep 24 '12, 3:49PM

i live in england and i get told i suit it here i dont like going to places or following some "fashion" i wear black or white or green or green-blue i HATE racism i cant stand family guy south park or stuff i cant stand stereotyping I HATE american comedy i hate the cold so no not really canda/usa i think its the uk or africa for me!

des4life said:
Aug 25 '12, 12:25AM

I got greece love your quiz

fenixfandango27 said:
Apr 15 '12, 10:41PM

omg i got Greece and whenever people ask what country i like best i always say Greece France or Estonia xD

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