What color describes your personality?

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LoserLoner said:
Feb 12 '17, 1:05AM

Black shows that you are above average worldly, conventional proper, polite and regal. Black is a color that means one thing (depression) to clinical psychiatrist and quite another (dignity) to you.

Really? Not again...

clahclah said:
May 4 '16, 1:44AM

i got purple my 2nd fav color 100%

DracoMalfoyFan said:
Jan 29 '16, 4:41AM

This is so accurate! I got 93% red one of my two favorite colors and following up was black my second favorite color!

guinealover7 said:
Nov 30 '15, 3:38AM

I got 100% green! My fav colour, amazing quiz! It is so acurate, PLEASE MAKE MORE!

Nicolette said:
Nov 28 '15, 2:04PM

I got Blue 100%...
Its true.

Nicolette said:
Nov 28 '15, 2:02PM

I got Blue 100%. True.

thatgirlisme said:
Nov 10 '15, 5:57PM

wow this describes me perfectly, actually. :3

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