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  • Your Result: Green & Pink

    86% for both

    Green: You are compassionate and kind, a lover of animals and people. Greens are fierce protectors of the planet, and are friendly, reliable and strong. They quietly and unassumingly try to change the world for the better.

    Pink: You are tender, romantic, and shy. You have great compassion, grand dreams, and are the type of person often described as "in love with love." Pinks love art, music, great literature, beauty, and romance. They are generous with their money, giving much to charity, and often work in the arts.

    Yes! i am a very spiritual person and love ear and life, just like green, and pink; I am passionate an love beauty in anything. pretty good job :)

    Velvetcake May 27 '15, 6:41PM
  • I like blue but I don't think I have ESP...

    You are quiet, cool, and calm. You love your solitude and have no trouble standing alone. Blues are sensitive, truthful, spiritual, and intuitive--they often show signs of clairvoyance and ESP. They are the professors, detectives, and spiritual mediums of the world.

    twisterhorse36 May 17 '15, 3:34PM
  • Beautiful! I loved this quiz, my result was violet and the discription sounded a lot like me. If you are reading this please take some of my quizzes and/ or comment to give me some ideas for my next quiz. If your idea is chosen you'll get a free shoutout. Thanks :)
    Raptor Gal.

    Raptor Gal May 13 '15, 2:24AM
  • I want black....
    Your Result:Yellow86%You are smart, open-minded, and enthusiastic. You love to learn! Optimistic about life and easygoing, yellows are like the sun--bright, inspired, and warm. They are lifelong students, and often do well in math, medicine, and the sciences.

    darkmage Apr 21 '15, 6:16AM
  • Accurate.

    BStreet Jan 22 '15, 5:23PM
  • Why orange? It should be my fav RED!! Duhx_x

    Grasha Oct 25 '14, 2:21AM
  • Looster2

    Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

    justguy Sep 16 '14, 12:33PM

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