What clown are you out of 5 clowns?

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Hello! I am Spec,this quiz i have made so i can prank my friend! I also really don't want to do this because i dunno... But there's a site i thought of the names and the story! Do the quiz! Thanks,if you did do the quiz! :)

Some facts about clowns: There's even a story behind the iconic red nose: It can be traced to a member of the Fratellini family named Albert, who originated the Auguste clown archetypecomplete with the world debut of the bright red clown nose. Now make like a clown car and stuff as many of these facts in your head as you can.

Created by: Spec

  1. What is your fave color?
  2. What sounds the most disgusting to you?
  3. What's your fave book?
  4. What is your fave name
  5. Are you one of these to you?
  6. Are you sad?
  7. Do you think your crazy?
  8. Do you play with voo-doo's?
  9. Liked this quiz?
  10. Wanna play dis again?

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Quiz topic: What clown am I out of 5 clowns?