What Career is meant for you?

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Joyful69 said:
Dec 29 '14, 9:16PM

I loved that quiz.

Forever_dreamer said:
Dec 22 '14, 10:40PM

Go to: what is the perfect song for you? For another great quiz

Forever_dreamer said:
Dec 22 '14, 10:38PM

Cool, I got the job as a singer. I always wanted to be a singer and right now I am going to be one, just need practice, thx.

Forever_dreamer said:
Dec 22 '14, 10:37PM

nikibella123 said:
Dec 21 '14, 5:26PM

im preety dumb for trying to try the repoting thing u guys need to stop its very annoying and how do you know i havent died already.........

hazzas_cupcake said:
Dec 19 '14, 5:27AM

Omg.. A singer is exactly what i wanna be! I had no idea im gonna get it.. Bdw that stupid comment which u guys are reposting sucks to glory... Awsum quiz

Zona said:
Dec 19 '14, 5:19AM

This was one of the better quizzes on here. You did a good job. :)

Nyan said:
Dec 13 '14, 8:22AM

singer! Perfect! I love singing, and I have a hobby of it. And its correct, I do get stressed a bit easily.

Himynameisash said:
Dec 12 '14, 7:26PM


Karuna khawas said:
Dec 12 '14, 11:57AM

I luv the quizcoz i got singer my frnds luv when i sing writer tats what i want actor i can do tat bt am afraid of public stylist im jst a little fashionableand a cop iam brave enough fr tat

Horselover17 said:
Dec 11 '14, 3:27PM

I liked the quiz

Horselover17 said:
Dec 11 '14, 2:47PM

I liked the quiz

Dec 10 '14, 10:27PM

Stylist? -,- seriously??

angelpal said:
Dec 10 '14, 7:26PM

I ducking love you o3o I WANNA BE A WRITER AND I WILL BE ONE (Hopefully XD)


Kaylakenzie said:
Dec 10 '14, 6:11AM

Omg m an actor

TheLoveOfBands said:
Dec 8 '14, 3:54PM

What Career is meant for you?
Your Result: Singer

You love everything that has to do with music. Singing is you're passion and you have many different talents. Most of the time you have a positive attitude but stress gets the best of you. Singer is perfect for you!




Cx Yes, I love composing.

Mikasa ankermen said:
Dec 8 '14, 12:37AM

I`m a singer and i LOVE SINGING OHH YA E YA YA

Pyra Potter said:
Dec 7 '14, 1:19AM

You are very creative and enjoy reading and seeing people smile. You are honest and adventurous and have a gift in writing whether it's writing novels or journalism, writing is a path you should take.

So me! Awesome quiz!

GamerGalXOXO said:
Dec 5 '14, 8:23PM

Good job on the quiz!I am actually planning to be a writer. :)

GamerGalXOXO said:
Dec 5 '14, 8:19PM

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