What breed of horse should you buy?

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lotrnut said:
Jan 2 '16, 2:29PM

pinto is not even a breed. it is a color. if a horse has pinto coloring and quarter horse or thoroughbred ancestry, then it is a paint, which is a breed.

EmmyTheViolist said:
Oct 17 '14, 9:32PM

I am going to buy a gypsy banner that I found online. Also, my equestrian center has a Shire, I love him so much! The picture of the gypsy banner is on one of my quizzes.lol.

karhorn61 said:
Oct 13 '14, 12:58AM

Cute quiz, but...what about the most common color, bay? And where is the Thoroughbred? Quarter horse? Arabian? Why did I get "Clydesdale" when I specified "no feathers?" Also, the amount of feed a horse needs is determined more by the amount & type of work it does than what breed it is. Being a lifelong horse person and Thoroughand enthusiast, I couldn't resist commenting...sorry!

Oreo1504 said:
Aug 26 '14, 12:18AM

Clydesdale yay I love them I love a challenge I was 100% clydedale

WinnieFreddy said:
Apr 17 '14, 7:59AM

Friesian horse are very big and beautiful. they come in only all black or all very dark brown. they never have any at all white markings. they are very beautiful horses. people often never pull their manes, because they grow long and wavy.
So glad as my favourite breed is the Friesian breed. Got 96% so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

horsecrazy24601 said:
Dec 27 '13, 12:48PM

I got friesian. The quiz said that my least likely horse would be a shetland pony. I already have a friesian and a thoroughbred AS WELL AS 5 SHETLAND PONIES!

I might be tall but I am young and I can ride my shetland ponies.

ImTheHorseLover said:
Dec 26 '13, 10:15AM

And i have 8 other horses wich are all amazing so i don't think i need any other horse xD

ImTheHorseLover said:
Dec 26 '13, 10:13AM

Connemara.. Funny thing, i already own one XD

Hawkbreeze said:
Oct 17 '13, 1:44PM

result: Connemara are very friendly and brilliant jumpers. They come in mostly grey, but other colors are possible for them too. Easy and very pleasant ponies to ride.
I can see me with a Connemara

Sunday1 said:
May 25 '13, 12:12PM


blazingfires13 said:
Apr 19 '13, 9:55AM

Pinto is not a breed, it is APHA. The colors are any solid color, but come in the patterns of overp, tobiano, and tovero. Overdo can sometimes have derivations like splashed white or solid.

benson said:
Apr 17 '13, 1:22AM

i got clysdale i prefer gypsy vanners i own a mini shetland buckskin stallion that i trick trained myself he can also do the capriole i am 13

SugerCube said:
Nov 21 '12, 10:56AM

I got Clydestale. My old favorite horse Judo was one. I like heavy horses but after Judo died I went on to Qurter Horse. I like to ride western and I barrle race. I would not like that big of a horse no matter how much I loved Judo.
Rest In Peace
Judo my 27 year old sweet Guy.

Mas2001 said:
Sep 3 '12, 1:46PM

a clydesdale? ummm srry but i said i didnt like heavy horss.

Birdstream said:
Aug 18 '12, 2:10PM

my feet might be dragging in the dirt with a connemara O.o

graceegan said:
Apr 15 '12, 5:33PM

i have a dutch warmblood and an oldenburg! i jump and stuff and they r great! they r always very friendly! y wud i want a connemara??? o.o

Rodeo Chic said:
Jan 22 '12, 5:02PM

It says I should buy a Clydestale! I ride western and english. And I do rodeos and horse shows. WHY WOULD I BUY A CLYDESTALE!

ashlay4u said:
Jan 7 '12, 2:44PM

i got clydestale. I own 108 horses. My fave is the Thoroughbred!

dog girl said:
Mar 15 '11, 2:34AM

lol i already have 6 horses and they alshow in compations

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