What Avatar: The Last Airbender Character are you?

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irisleeeee said:
Mar 17 '16, 7:31PM

apparently I'm Azula v

irisleeeee said:
Mar 17 '16, 7:31PM

wow -_-

you are the pure essence of evil; Cunning, Kniving, and even a good strategist. You may not seem evil to yourself, because what your doing you think is legit, but it is negatively affecting the people around you and you don't care. You often de-value people of relation to you. You find joy in what others see as cruel.

50%you are Suko

32%you are Sokka

25%you are toph

7%You are Aang

7%You are the Cabbage merchant

0%you are Iroh

0%You are Katara

I_Suck_Right said:
Jul 26 '15, 9:22AM

94% Azula

I_Suck_Right said:
Jul 26 '15, 9:21AM

I got azula

IceWinterWitch said:
Jun 21 '15, 2:24PM

Aang ! Yay !

hadesman101 said:
May 20 '15, 12:39AM

Dude, really, Iroh.? ( not to be rude or anything)

S_E_ said:
May 16 '15, 9:37PM


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