What Animal Are You?

I often have random thoughts and this is one of them. I was sitting on My Space and was so bored that i decided to create my first ever quiz.I do apologise for how CRA P it really is. P.S. I have to put spaces between rude words or the stupid computer wont let me use them!

So please take my quiz and see wat animal u wud be. Are u a cheeky chappy, friendly face or a lovable leader. Remember it all a bit a fun and is just there for you to use up some time you obviously have. Carry on and find out which animal most suits ur personality xxx

Created by: amazon of Phi
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ur on ur way out and ur mate phones u in tears. Wat do u do...
Make up some excuse and stil carry on with ur own plans
Invite them along, it wud be good 4 em 2 get out
Cancel ur plans and spend the whole nite listenin 2 their probs
Go round to c them wit a group of mates and PARTY
4. U find out dat a so called friend has been bit chin bout u behind ur back. Wat do u do
Confront em... noone bit ches about u and gets away wit it
Who cares... life is 2 short 2 get mixed up in dat cra p
Ignore it and carry on as normal, u don't want the confrontation.
Take em aside and ask them out right, besides it may not even be true so u mite aswel give them the benefit of the doubt!
Let out all their secrets and stir sum trouble... it will be funny 2 see da outcome
5. Wat is ur motto
Regret nothin... Deny everythin
You only live once... So live life to the full
Honesty is the best policy
Always a lover... Never a fighter
I know wat I want and noone is gonna stop me from havin... So move
6. U hav only got ã50 in ur purse t las ya da next 2 weeks. wat do u do wit it
Really, I got dat much. With all the partyin I don't usually ave any money at all!
Save it 4 a rainy day, u neva know wen ur really gonna need it.
Go out wit some mates and buy em a drink
Go shoppin... its bout time I treated myself
7. Its all fair in love and war
8. Im happiest wen...
Im in love
I av money
Wen every1 around me is happy
Wen im havin a laugh wit all da people dat matter
9. U get wat u deserve...
U get wat u work 4
10. Wat do ya think of my first eva quiz
Good good... better than i cud ave done
I cud do better in my sleep
Somethin 2 pass da time I suppose
11. If ya cud change anythin bout urself wat wud it be
Nothin... except me as I am
Be less bit chy
Be more serious wen its needed
Don't be such a pushova
12. Will ya do my next quiz
No... this was bad enough. I aint puttin myself through it again!
Yea y not, Im sure it will be jus as excitin as this 1. lol.
Of course, its always good 2 be supportive

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