What AKC Dog Group Would You Be In?

After working with dogs for several years I have gathered a decent understanding of what kind of dogs each group has, some high strung, get up and go dogs; or the kind that hides under your feet when brought to a different place; maybe the ones that are just sort of in a group all their own where the dogs are varied and separate from all other groups- I've seen them all. So what kind of dog do you think you are? Are you the kind of dog who is the perfect accessory pet to a celebrity or are you more of a laid back sniffing dog perfect to help officers find missing people? Maybe you're the kind of dog who just needs to run and chase wondering sheep, cattle, ducks? Are you more suited to chase after dead birds though cold waters to make your owner happy? Who knows? Take the quiz and find out just what sort of grouping you would fit into best.

What kind of dog are you? Are you a brainy, energetic herding dog, or a prissy celebrity pooch? Maybe you love to hunt or just love life? Take this quiz to find out what you are! Answer all the questions to see if you're a working dog, herding breed, toy breed, sporting dog, non-sporting dog, a terrier, or a hound! Depending on how you live your life as a dog and what kind of life style you live you can find out what kind of dog you would be. This is only my first time writing a quiz so go easy about it, I do work with dogs on a regular basis so it should be fairly accurate as far as that goes. Take your time and enjoy the quiz because it goes by fast and make sure to read the questions throughly to make sure you understand it. ENJOY! :D

Created by: Gina
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. when you were younge you-
loved to run and play with siblings
liked to sleep a lot
loved to cahse anything that moved like a leaf
chased after the mail man
were an anckle bitter always trying to get your owner to move
liked to sniff out trouble
4. how are you on a walk
I hope your arm is strong becasue I've got my nose to the ground and will take you anywhere I want to go
please go get me a stroler or put me in the purse
I'm not going anywhere!
leave me at home!
5. a its storming, what do you do?
hide under the bed or couch
that thunder sounds like a gun and I'm used to it
whatever, I'll sit and watch the storm with my owner
6. where do you need to live to feel comfortable?
out in the country would be great, a farm maybe
on the edge of town with a yard
in a house in town works if I go for walks
appartment life it the thing for me
7. describe yourself in one word?
layed back
8. what colors are you
neutrals like black, white, and grey
a mix of colors like brown, black, and white
natural earthy tones like yellow, brown, black, and red
white but my owners dye me odd colors
9. how offten do you exersize?
I need it every day
a couple times a week
almost never
does moving around the house count?
10. theres a rabbit out in the yard you-
run after it!
sniff it out once it runs off
that thing is as big as me, no way I'm bothiring it
11. describe the kind of person who would want you
a celebrity
a hunter/fisher/out doors man
a farmer
someone with work to be done
a missing persons officer
12. Your owner works much of the day you-
chew up the furnature out of bordome
go about your day of peeing on the rugs
go to work in their purse with them

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