Wat Race Should U Marry

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jasmineeee said:
Apr 30 '13, 7:31PM

you love you some big boyz who tell you to call them back in 15 mins while he sell his dope to an undercover cop, and asks you to bail him out. and ur crazy ass will cuz you know he'll do it again & bring home some cash so you can go get ur hair did, and nails.

Copy n Type said:
Feb 3 '13, 8:20PM

this is not racist, y wood u take it any way duh READ THE TITLE. but is it stereotypical.

Lil fox said:
Jun 14 '11, 3:09PM

i got latino and i'm mostly black, indian, and mexican indian but i love red bones

Shayshaygurl said:
Dec 6 '10, 11:17PM

Guys this is racist. i got black and I'm other well (White,Hispanic,and Native American). I do think black boys are cute though.

ahem said:
Sep 8 '10, 9:00PM

whoever made this should be shot execution style :/ wtf is with people and poking fun at complex concepts in the world whether it be race religion politics etc. *slaps whoever made this with a burning cloth*

essieray said:
Jul 29 '10, 2:48AM

i got black and im black, and btw this quiz sucked and its

danburita012 said:
Jul 22 '10, 5:18AM

got black,i'm meditarenean white

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