Warriors Quiz: What Cat Are You Most Like?

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There are many geniuses in the world, but few are Warriors geniuses! What cat are you most like? There are many cats, but I have only chosen 10 for the questions. There is only five cats you could be most like, but you will have to take this awesome quiz to know which ones!

Please take this quiz; you can find out the true you! I hope you enjoy this personality test. If you don't read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, you're missing out on some zesty books!

Created by: Olivia
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1. Choose Firestar's MOST likely personality.
Kind and Fun-loving
Caring, determined, and stern
Gentle and Stubborn
2. Choose Graystripe's MOST likely personality.
Helping and Obeying
Helping, Obeying, and Gentle
Stern and Ill-tempered
3. Choose Sandstorm's MOST likely personality.
Sweet, Gentle, and Quick to Jump to Conclusions
Stubborn, Gentle, and Sweet
4. Choose Mousefur's MOST likely personality.
Stubborn and Ill-tempered
Gentle and Kind
Sweet and Stubborn
5. Choose Cinderpelt's MOST likely personality.
Caring and Understanding
Sweet and Stubborn
6. Choose Crowfeather's MOST likely personality.
Tempermental(Many Different Emotions)
Stubborn and Kind
Sweet and Stubborn
7. Choose Feathertail's MOST likely personality.
Caring, Understanding, and Calming
Intelligent and Thoughtful
8. Choose Stormfur's MOST likely personality.
Gentle and Thoughtful
Stubborn and Kind
Stern and Understanding
9. Choose Tallstar's MOST likely personality.
Calming, Honest, and Noble
Stubborn and Kind
Intelligent and Thoughtful
10. Choose ShadowClan's MOST likely personality.
Proud and Stubborn
Sly and Proud
Gentle and Stubborn

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