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On the Internet there is a fine game: NationStates. If you play NationStates, you should easily get over 50% of this quiz right. We admit there are a few trick questions, but trick questions are standard operating procedure in the game. You should be used to that.

In NationStates, there is a fine region: Ulthar. If you have a nation there, you might score as high as 100% on this quiz if you take part in the life of the region. (The age and gender questions are required by this website and we don't care what you put there.) Good Luck!

Created by: Mayor For Life of City of Ulthar Forum
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1. Professor Hell, AKA Badness Gracious, is grateful for and enjoy the fact that his posts on the Ulthar forum are sometimes linked to:
NS issue editor Sirocco the mod's blog
Pictures of Tiger Wood's wife, Elin Nordegren
The NS Forums by Da Mayor
Python script geek websites
2. If your NS nation Ceases To Exist, you can refound it if you recall the name and password. It is refounded in:
The region where you CTE'd
The Rejected Realms
3. Max Barry, the dude that makes NationStates possible, wrote the book Jennifer Government. Max got as excited as a school girl who discovered a picture of a penis in a biology textbook when:
Jennifer Government was translated into Swedish
Jennifer Government was read by Clark Kent in a Superman comic
Jennifer Government tattoos became the rage with goth women
Jennifer Government was the name given to his out of wedlock child
4. The feeders are:
Regions where new nations are first founded
WA Delegates who eject thousands of nations just for yucks
Vampiric Kittens and her tribbles
Region founders who stuff their regions full of puppets to try to look successful
5. If you create more than one nation that joins the World Assembly, you are:
A raider who tries to kick people out of other regions
Able to vote twice on WA proposals
Violating the rules and all your WA nations will be banned from the WA forever
Using more than one computer in different locations
6. Moving in and out of a region just to be annoying:
Is something many nations do after a couple of cocktails
Is considered "Region Happenings spam" and a rule violation
Is a way for raider regions to create fear and trembling among locals
Is what raider and defender nations do to cover their tracks
7. Offsite region forums are:
Created by regions because Regional Message Board features suck
Another Internet time waster
Not under the control of NationStates moderators
Frequently more interesting than the game itself
8. A puppet nation is:
Any nation you control other than you WA member nation
What Mister Snoogums is clutching in his nation flag
Something in Bluto's sock drawer in Animal House
All sweaty on the inside: put that thing down for a while, please
9. You can use the word Dickensian on a NationStates Regional Message Board as a literary reference but you can't refer to the last US Vice President as Dick Cheney because:
Liz Cheney might hunt you down and smother you while you sleep
Karl Rove might hunt you down and snorkel you while you sleep
The NationStates "nannybot" list of banned words can't distinguish a name from a rude body part reference
Cheney disproved that you just can't shoot people in the face
10. NationStates moderators are:
Paid minions of Max whose job it is to make us all fearful
Vindictive weenies who hide behind anonymous posts
Volunteer players chosen to help keep the game from devolving into chaos
Trolls who live under bridges
11. In Ulthar, not taking yourself too seriously means:
Don't kick sand in the sandbox
Be as silly as possible
Not joining the World Assembly
Less artsy, more fartsy
12. The name of the City of Ulthar comes from the literature of an author, whose picture is the avatar used by Da Mayor on the forum. That author is:
William S. Burroughs
Hunter S. Thompson
C. S. Lewis
H. P. Lovecraft
13. At cafe d'amour et psychedelica, you can find:
Used gum stuck under the tables
14. Moe the Dumber is:
A collector of heirloom toilet tank float balls
The second barkeeper at One Eyed Jack's tavern
An expert on the French Revolution
No longer on parole
15. If you get into a discussion with Ulthar's Philosopher in Residence, you will more often than not find him appealing to:
Ricky Gervais
16. Your nation's population grows:
Faster if you make pro-environmental choices
Slower if you dismiss issues
Faster if you have universal healthcare
More or less steadily as long as you play NationStates
17. Your nation's major industries are:
Afflicted with worker injuries if you legalize marijuana
Probably a combination of your issue choices and random game code
Closely tied to how much incense you burn when you're logged in
Cheese and trout farming - because they make a lovely high protein meal
18. The guru of NationStates issues is New South Hell, AKA Badness Gracious. It is not a well kept secret that NSH has a crush on:
Monkeys in Helmets
Ricky Gervais
Elin Nordegren
19. Ulthar has so many Ambassadors because:
It's a shameless trick to recruit in other regions
Chief Diplomat Cannibal Hog Monkeys haz ketteh attenshun disordr
Da Mayor promotes diversity and friendship
More Lovecraft quotes on WFE would make the region look creepy
20. Animal House is:
Bluto's home region
An unsafe region where nearly fatal accidents are common
On double super secret probation with NationStates moderators
One inappropriate body function reference after another

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