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Welcome sparklings,are you ready to find out your true self?Then take this quiz :D Have fun be ready NO RE MAKING THIS QUIZ and autobots good luck

Are you an autobot or decepticon? Good or evil? Naughty or nice? Are you like Optimus or Megatron? That is up to you!

Created by: Ariana
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. A decepticon points their gun at one of your teammates what do you do?
Lunge at the decepticon
Jump in the way
Blast the decepticon
4. One of your team members is critically injured during battle... what do you do?
Call for a groundbridge
Tend to their wounds
don't do anything
5. A decepticon enters your base and lunges at one of the humans trying to kill them what do you do
attack the decepticon
lunge at the decepticon
knock the human out of the way
6. your medic goes mad what do you do?
Cognitive recalibration
attack them
talk it over
7. You are playing a video game and you get killed what do you do?
Break the device
walk away
8. One of the humans is injured what do you do?
Put them out of their misery
help them
attempt to tend to their wounds
9. A predacon attacks you with fire what do you do???
Use fire back at them
deflect the attack
Fight FIRE with WATER
10. Megatron attacks what do you do?
Try to talk sense into him
call for backup
11. A decepticon want to join your team what do you do?
Not trust them
say NO
12. You are speeding and get pulled over what do you do?
Use a hologram
Fly off
Get scared

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