Titanic information quiz

Many people understand the world's greatest tragedy known as the Titanic. How can you not know about this? It is a terrible life loss and sad story. Let's begin very shortly.

Do you know about the world's greatest tragedy known as the Titanic? Well, until now, you could only dream up a Titanic quiz. Well now, here it is right in front of your face!

Created by: Jack Phillips
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Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. What company created the Titanic?
White Star Line
Titanic, Inc.
Blue Star Line
Red Star Line
4. One of the Titanic's sister ships, the Brittanic, was sunken during the time of World War I by a German torpedo.
5. Who was the captain of the Titanic?
Edward J. Smith
Bruce Ismay
Thomas Andrews
Jack Thayer
6. The SS Californian was near the Titanic when she sank.
7. Who was later criticized for his actions when the Titanic sank?
Captain Stanley Lord, SS Californian
Bruce Ismay, president of __________
Workers, who worked on Titanic
All of the above
8. Who came to the Titanic's rescue?
SS Californian
RMS Carpathia
HMHS Brittanic
RMS Olympic
9. Who discovered the Titanic?
Robert Ballard
Stanley Lord
Ruth Becker
Jaques Cortez
10. How did the Brittanic sink?
Struck a mine
Shot by U-Boat
11. New Improvements were made to make ships safer.
12. In about 50 years from now, the Titanic will just be debris on the ocean floor.

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