three days grace rocks

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Mervineannae said:
Mar 10 '18, 1:06PM

Just because you cut yourself dosnt mean your emo lmao, emo and punk and goth is just a style of music and clothing.

LoSt GiRl said:
May 30 '13, 10:59PM

I got emo..... yesterday in math I cut my hand with a tack
off of the bulletin board.

kimmiguitargirl said:
Jul 6 '10, 11:32PM

i got emo too. Lots of people call me emo. But i dont think so i just like there clothes. :( i hate sterotypes

yoruichi said:
Nov 23 '08, 4:05PM

sweet i got emo but i dont cut myself and im not deppresd

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