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Think you know your Minnesota Vikings football trivia? Are you ready to prove it? If news of the Randy Moss trade has you experiencing new waves of Vikings nostalgia, this is the quiz for you.

Test your Minnesota Vikings knowledge with this quiz compiled by Armand Peterson, editor of "The Vikings Reader." All answers to the quiz can be found in his book.

Created by: U of M Press of University of Minnesota Press
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1. What new head coach told Vikings fans: "We want to grow. We want to build on what is already here. But we aren't rebuilding…the foundation of this team is already in place." ?
Dennis Green, in 1992, taking over a team that had gone 8-8 in 1991.
Jerry Burns, in 1986, taking over a team that had gone 7-9 in 1985.
Bud Grant, in 1967, taking over a team that had gone 4-9-1 in 1966.
Brad Childress, in 2006, taking over a team that had gone 9-7 in 2005.
2. Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins, 1983-1999) is the NFL career leader in games with 400 or more yards passing (with 13). Who was the first Vikings Quarterback to exceed 400 yards in a game twice?
Fran Tarkenton.
Tommy Kramer.
Warren Moon.
Daunte Culpepper.
3. Cris Carter set a new NFL record in 1994 with 122 pass receptions. (Broken in 1995 by Detroit’s Herman Moore, who had 123.) Who was the first Viking to lead the NFL in receptions?
Ricky Young.
Ahmad Rashad.
Sammy White.
Chuck Foreman.
4. Adrian Peterson was the first Viking to lead the NFL in rushing when he had 1,760 yards on 363 carries in 2008. What Vikings runner had four 1,000-yard seasons?
Robert Smith.
Bill Brown.
Terry Allen.
Chuck Foreman.
5. The Vikings lost a playoff game to the Dallas Cowboys, 12-20, at Metropolitan Stadium on December 25, 1971. The game was remarkable for what reason?
It was the first time the Vikings had lost in a cold-weather playoff game.
It was the first game played on Christmas Day in NFL history.
It was the first time the Vikings had lost a playoff game to a Wild-Card opponent.
It was the first NFC playoff game since the National Football League and the American Football League had combined to form the new NFL, with two conferences—the NFC and the AFC.
6. In 1963 receiver Paul Flatley became the first Viking to win the NFL Rookie of the Year award. Who was the first Vikings player to be selected Rookie of the Year and voted to the NFL first-team All Pro squad in the same year?
Alan Page.
Chuck Foreman.
Randy Moss.
Adrian Peterson.
7. Who said of late Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer, "The hardest thing I had to do was ask him to be a tough guy"?
Dennis Green
Mike Tice.
Cris Carter.
Dean Dalton.
8. Center Mick Tinglehoff started 240 consecutive games—every game of his Vikings career—and was a first-team All Pro selection five times. What Vikings offensive lineman was All Pro seven times?
Ron Yary.
Grady Alderman.
Matt Birk.
Randall McDaniel.
9. Head coach Norm Van Brocklin resigned after the ninth game of the year in 1966, but recanted a day later. Who was the only Vikings head coach fired during the season?
Les Steckel.
Dennis Green.
Mike Tice.
Jerry Burns.
10. The Vikings regular season single-game attendance record was set on November 2, 2003, when 64,482 fans watched a 27-30 loss to the Green Bay Packers at the Metrodome. What is the pre-Metrodome single-game record?

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