The Ultimate Belieber Quiz:D

Are you a die-hard Belieber? Do you know Jusin like the back of your hand(or even better)? Take this quiz to find out!! These questions are kind of hard, so you might want to look him up on Wikipedia first!! Have fun!!!

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you/Been here all along so why can't you see/You belong with me/Standing by you waiting at your back door/All this time how could you no know baby/You belong with me/You belong with me/You belong with me/Have you ever thought it just may be/You belong with me/You belong with me Justin

Created by: glitterchick97

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  1. What are Justin's half-siblings' names?(a brother and a sister)
  2. Who is Justin's "swagger coach"?
  3. What Christmas song did Justin perform at the White House?
  4. What was thrown at Justin during his tour in Austrailia?
  5. What award did Justin recieve at the 2010 American Music Awards?
  6. When and where was Justin born?
  7. What religion is Justin's manager?
  8. On April 10, 2010 Justin was the musical guest on...
  9. What month did Justin's video for Baby pass the number of views for Lady GaGa's Bad Romance on YouTube?
  10. What day in 2010 was My Worlds Acoustic released?
  11. Is Justin gay?
  12. Random question-Do u like Justin's haircut?

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