the TRUE are you emo quiz!!!

are you emo prep or just a POSER?? take the test!!this is the real stuff hope you have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but come on just take it for fun!! hope you take it 4 realz

find out if your emo! but i asked these things to real emo ppl and these are the real anserws!!so take the test!!!! dont lie please!!!!! and have fun doin it to remember its just for fun!!

Created by: Jenny!!

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your favorit color?!
  2. Where do you get a majority of your close??
  3. Whats your favorit thing?!
  4. what flavor chapstic?!
  5. do you love your mom??
  6. myspace,espin,facebook or emo-corner?
  7. do you like to go to the mall???
  8. do you no what 'e4eilad' is??
  9. if so what is it??
  10. do people tell you that your going to get beat up??

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Quiz topic: The TRUE am I emo quiz!!!