The Trojan Test

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Being a genius is hard, but every score counts!! You should start with the simply stuff, then test yourself, then, BOOM! Your a genius!!!! It's not that hard!

If you are a genius, then keep on practicing! You can be a double genius and then triple genius!! you can never ever EVER be to smart to not study!!!!

Created by: BOB of The Trojan Test
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  1. How Much do you know about Greek Mythology?
  2. Is Greek Mythology real?
  3. Who was Achilles?
  4. Where is Achilles's weak spot?
  5. Did the Greeks win the Trojan war?
  6. Did Achilles die because of Paris?
  7. How many Olympian gods are there?
  8. Who swallowed his kids whole for they wouldn't overthrow him?
  9. What Mountain is the castle of the gods on?
  10. Did Zeus and the Olympian gods overthrow Cronus and the Titans?
  11. You have to read Rick Riordan books!!

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