The Sorting Hat

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bball33 said:
Nov 26 '15, 2:10PM

Sytherin til the day I die!

RavenClaw_gigi said:
Nov 5 '15, 9:45PM

78% RavenClaw dats kew

lovelyangela said:
Feb 15 '15, 2:35AM

Hey! I ended up in Gryffindor. I always end up in gryffindor in every quiz.

GrayArtist said:
Feb 14 '13, 6:30PM

Thanks! I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and started writing questions in my notebook. Hope you enjoyed it!

LoneShadowWolf said:
Feb 11 '13, 11:00AM

Slytherin! Sounds about right!

smf98 said:
Feb 10 '13, 10:18PM

Gryffindor 92% and in second place Hufflepuff at 64%! Great quiz!

NeonHedgehog said:
Feb 10 '13, 9:49PM

Never thought of me being a Slytherin, but whatevs!

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