The Quiz of Your Life

While walking outside your house, you are struck by a falling meteor and meet your untimely death. Your eyes go dark for a moment as your soul travels to the heavens. When you open your eyes, you immediately see an elderly man with a beard wearing a robe and holding a large parchment. He quickly explains that your entire life has been a test, like one taken in school, and that the decisions you made and the actions you took will give you a grade which designates what level of hell you will spend eternity. When you ask if you can go to heaven he laughs, hands you the parchment and walks away. As you unroll the paper, you see that the answers begin to fill themselves out in beautiful golden ink.

Below is an excerpt from the quiz you are handed. Answer each question as truthfully as possible, not just what you think the morally "right" answer would be. Your results will give you a good idea of the fate that awaits you in the afterlife.

Created by: Tucker

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  1. Do you attend church regularly?
  2. Have you ever broken the law?
  3. Have you ever stolen something?
  4. Do you donate your time and money to charities?
  5. Have you, or do you plan to have sex before marriage?
  6. Do you consider it important to accumulate a vast fortune?
  7. Do you want to be famous?
  8. Is looking attractive important in life?
  9. Have you ever been in a fight?
  10. Are some people born superior to others?
  11. Do you believe most stereotypes are true?
  12. Should all illegal immigrants be kicked out of America?
  13. Have you ever done something detrimental to another person in order to benefit yourself?
  14. Do you rigorously pursue members of the opposite sex?
  15. Do you desire expensive luxuries or exquisite food?
  16. Do you lie to others often?
  17. Do you get upset when those around you make mistakes?
  18. Do violent video games/movies entertain you?
  19. Have you ever contemplated suicide?
  20. Do you watch TV or play video games often?
  21. Do you think things will always "work themselves out"?
  22. Do/did you work hard in school?
  23. Do you gamble or play the lottery?
  24. Do you consider yourself an important person?
  25. Would you do anything for money?
  26. Do you have a hero/idol?
  27. Do you have an ambitious dream?
  28. Do you love to eat?
  29. Do you think some people deserve to die?
  30. Do you believe in evolution?
  31. Have you ever cheated on a test?
  32. Have you ever thought about killing someone?
  33. Have you ever used someone?
  34. Have you ever taken advantage of someone?
  35. Do you consider yourself superior to your peers?
  36. Do you change you mind often?
  37. Are you entitled to buy luxuries with money you have earned?
  38. Can money buy happiness?
  39. Are you content with your life?

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