The Noob-o-meter 3000!

The true masterminds of ROBLOXia are not noobs. The true experts of ROBLOXia are not noobs. The true geniuses of ROBLOXia are not noobs. Pretty much any typical player of ROBLOX is not a noob, and knows all the basic stuff there is to know about the game.

How nooby are YOU? Are you a complete noob who half the time doesn't know what the heck anyone is talking about? Or are you a true expert who knows so much about it, he could answer any question you could throw at him? Now, you can find out thanks to this wonderful machine! Just answer all the questions it gives you, and it will tell you how nooby you are! Try it!

Created by: georged
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1. Do you like to pwn noobs?
2. Does posting comments like "Post this message on 5 hats to get 50000 tix and R$ it really works" works?
Ofcourse it does!
No it doesn't...
3. Who is User #1 in ROBLOXia?
4. What is the best way to make money?
Find cheats and hacks!
Torture people until they agree to buy your shirt or visit your place!
The best way is reallly to just sit back, and let it happen...
5. Do you think you could pwn Telamon?
Well, yeah! We have just as good a chance as everybody!
Heck, no, he's a mod!
6. How nooby is ROBLOX?
He's a huge noob, he's unfair!
...No, he's used by the whole team! To call him a noob is to call the people who made ROBLOX noobs!
No, duh.
7. Do you have Builders' Club?
It doesn't really matter...
8. Have you participated in any Building Contest at all with a place that was not made using free models?
I've participated, but I used all free models.
You bet I have!
No, those contests are for noobs...
9. Have you figured out how to make scripts without copying and pasting from another script?
Yes, ofcourse!
You kidding? that would take forever!!
10. Do you think you are a total non-noob? Be honest.
You bet I am!
I really don't like to brag or underappreciate myself, so I don't want to answer this question...

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