The New Covenant of Jesus Christ

Many Christians go to the bible trying to understand what God expects, why they suffer and to find a lesson for their life. The New Covenant was given to us for our expression and experience of faith and contains a specific blueprint to use. Are you knowledgeable in the New Covenant? Do you know the vital things God has set in Christ for us to follow?

Many people use their imagination when it comes to serving God. They want intimacy and power, yet suffer from a lack of accredited education from apostles. Test your education to the New Covenant and see if you could benefit from the free "Choice Education" course the Second 8th Week Apostles' University offers.

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3. Perfect faith has to do with never making any mistakes.
4. The Apostles' office is given to the Church to:
teach principles for success in life
teach you to be big in God
establish you in health and wealth
guide you in relationships, finances, & family
teach you the foundation of truth
prophesy your destiny
5. Changing your thoughts and putting on a good attitude is how we experience spiritual transformation.
6. Which tool is a spiritual tool of worship under the New Covenant terms?
feast days
foot washing
7. There are 9 contact points Jesus Christ gave for our faith under the New Covenant; which is not one of them?
our natural gifts and talents
manifold graces
the doctrine of Christ
words of knowledge
8. Reciprocation to God under the New Covenant terms involves:
giving him our sin
examining our faults
the utterance of doxologies
confessing scripture
9. Doing "the will of God" involves:
finding your purpose in life
the sanctification of your soul
achieving your dreams
your thought life in order
your financial trustworthiness
10. Which of the following is instrumental in experiencing the mediation of Jesus Christ?
going to church and tithing
our self sacrifices
helping the poor
diligent bible study & scripture memory
the believer's priesthood
the continual repentance of sins
11. __________ (fill in blank) are the ones who set the interpretation for doctrine and discipline for the Church.
12. The "new wine" Jesus referred to was
The law of Grace and Truth
The law of Moses
The Davidic covenant
The Levitical Law
The law of Torah
13. Which of the following is not an example of a New Covenant commandment?
Pray without ceasing
Test the spirits
Bring your tithe to the storehouse
Have faith without partiality
Pursue charity above all things
Abide in the Doctrine of Christ
14. Spiritual fruit is born in the soul by:
putting God first
keeping the 10 commandments
harnessing God's power
yielding to the grace of God
confessing scripture
15. The pattern Jesus set for our faith involves:
keeping the law of Moses
keeping the feast days
understanding your strengths and weaknesses
dependance upon the grace of God
dependance upon the peace of God
performing signs, wonders and miracles
16. Spiritual circumcision involves:
The removal of iniquity & false knowledge
progressively learning how to do what is good for ourselves and others
learning to let go and let God
Improving our life by being better Christians
Improving how we view ourselves, our world and God
The removal of self-doubts and self-hatred
17. Praying in tongues is connected to the spiritual healing Jesus promised.
18. God validates our faith is true by:
granting signs and wonders
granting the witness of the Spirit
answering our prayers
healing our sicknesses
giving us power to get wealth
19. Understanding how to work with God's ministering spirits is a new covenant commandment.
20. "Activating your faith" is a new covenant commandment.

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