the imposible twilight quiz!!!

this is a quiz were i will put your knowlage to work for twilight hahaha u will never pass lol jk have any q. e-mail me al odonnell a 88045 @ yahoo .com thx

so you think you know all abought twilight do you whail then came over and take this test to find out thank you please e-mail me with any qustions at odonnella 888045@ yahoo

Created by: angela odonnell
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1. who is the author of twilight?
Ben M. Baglio
Stepenie Meyer
Wald Disney
2. how many chapters dose this book (twilight) have
3. were is Bella from?
phoenix Arizona
Tucson Arizona
forks washington
4. who drives bella to the air port in chapter 1 of twilight?
her mom
her dad
her step dad
5. what was Bella wereing on the day she was driven to the airport in chapter 1
a blue tank top
a sweter
a sleeveless,whight laysed shirt
a long sleave blace shirt
6. who is Bells step dad?
7. who is jacob?
an old family friend
Bella's long time boy friend
her dad
the biology teacher
8. why do the cullens live in forks
they like the rain and the cold wether
they are vampires so they cant live in the sun
becuse bella lives their
because they like the schools
9. why do the cullen family have dirk circles under their eye's
they dont get enofe sleep
the need to hunt
they were make-up
they dont like bella
10. how did Carlie become a vampire
James bit him
he was bitten by one when he lived in london
Edward bit him
Bella bit him

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