the how gay am i quiz

u have always wondered if u were gay havent u? i think u have. any way now u will know if u r gay or not!!! well i wish u the best and i hope u find out what u have always wanted to know about ur self. see u in the afterlife! bye!!!!!!!!! c ya!

in a few minutes u will see if u r gay. if u r gay i reccomend to go get a boyfriend! maybe ur bff maybe ur neghbor, maybe even ur dog. ok maybe not ur dog but anyone else would be kool. just dont cover up ur gayness by getting a girlfriend i will come through this computer and kick ur ass!!

Created by: The Geek
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1. what do u usually watch on tv?
americas next top model
rachel rays cooking show
american idol
the news
i dont watch tv at all
2. do u go into the bathroom to change for gym class or do u stay in the locker room?
yeah i go to the bathroom i dont like to see people in their underwear
no only geeks go to the bathroom
no i dont care if people see me in my underwear
lol i dont care if they see me in my fabulous boxers!
ofcourse its just creepy changing infront of 30 other people is weird
no i love changing in the locker room
3. do u like baking?
hell yeah its like so totally fabulous!!
no i just let my mom do that boring stuff
i only like to bake brownies and cookies
baking is my pasion its so inspiring
im going to be a professional chef one day!
4. do u like going to ur school wrestling games?
yeah im on the team
yeah its fun to watch them man handle eachother
5. how many times do u go shopping a month?
usually i go about 3 times a month
1 or 2
not at all i let my mom buy me clothes
6. what kind of underwear do u wear?
boxer briefs
briefs (whity tightys)
im not telling u what kind of underweare i wear!
7. how many girls would u say r ur best friend forever (bff)
about 15
1 or 2
8. do u usually talk in im? (im is like lol, lmfao, tinf, etc)
yeah i usually do lol
hell yeah sucka!
9. do u respect emo people?
10. do u like the cheerleaders?
eww they're mostly guys
eww they're mostly girls

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