the greatest adventure ever

This is a great love hero adventure story come onto the journey it'll be fun.

There will be 6 parts to this story part 2 coming soon.

Created by: amazon
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3. You are home sitting on the couch watching legend of the seeker wishing you could have an adventure like that suddenly it starts to rain hard and a knock comes from the door and there's a cloaked figure on your doorstep you:
open the door cuz you thinks it a pizza guy
scream and cry for help
simply sit back on the couch
open the door cautiously
4. You decided to open the door and the cloaked figure yanks off his hood he is muscular tall and has long black hair with green and black eyes my name is Andrew he says in a quietly and you have been chosen to be the next member of heroes you:
thinks it a joke and slam the door
he's hot invite him to come in and warm up
stand there frozen in shock
pull him inside just to be safe
5. So either way you end up back in your house you sit on the couch watching him dry himself off he catches you and look away we need to go like now before they get here he says you:
go upstairs pack your stuff and leave with him
refuse to go cuz you don't trust him
demand to know what is the heroes and who chose you
leave with him cuz he's hot
6. You and Andrew leave together after you pack your guys take the woods to reach your destination on the way there you ask what's going on he ignores you you think:
silent strong and hot just my type
well he's very rude should have stayed home
he really must love hurting people feelings
7. After two hours of walking you two stop to rest sitting by a lake Andrew is fishing when he turns to you with his beautiful green/black eyes with depth I'm sorry about earlier but we're being followed by shadows what are those you ask he shushes you they're spies we'll talk at the hideout he tells you then gives you a small. Smile
wow made he's not so bad after all
he still could have said something earlier
he is so cute
8. Night has finally fallen Andrew decides to sleep in a meadow for the night you are sound asleep when suddenly the sound of a tree falling wakes up you wake up and a tree is about to crush you
roll out of the way and save yourself
just die already
no andrew help me please
somebody help
9. A pair of strong arms wrap around you and the person covers your body with his just before the tree makes impact.after all the dirt and stuff is gone you look up its not Andrew its another cloaked figure.he yanks off his hood with a dangerous smile he has medium long light brown hair that covers his red/ white eyes he is muscular lean and tall
whoa he's is even hotter
he just saved me but he looks dangerous
his eyes are two colors like andrew are they related
10. Hi my name's Ramoul and you are beautiful he whispers softly in your ear arms still around you but then someone pulls him off you it is Andrew. What the heck are you doing here he growls in Ramoul's face chill brother look like you needed help she was about to be crush and I would hate for that to happen no you scrambled to your feet and pull them apart we need to go guys now hoping they will listen of course says Ramoul ready to take your hand he runs very fast through the woods Andrew roars rush after you guys you
love being with bad boy ramoul
wish andrew was holding your hand
wonder why they don't like each other
just want to go home like now
11. You run for what seems like forever finally he stops Ramoul picks you up and say hold on tight in an playful voice the without warning leaps high up in the air and begins hopping up the trees you look down to find Andrew boiling angry following you two.Ramoul lands on a cavern floor you turn to see a cave in the trees you think
how is there a cave in the trees
can i go home now please
ramoul has a really alluring voice
andrew is really mad i wonder why
is the chase over now
12. This is home I call it cavetra get it Ramoul laughs as he plops down on a leather sofa you walk around looking the.cave looks really beautiful and shiny with gems and jewels inside the walls Andrew appears behind you we build it ourselves Crystal will find you a room and explain after she returns from hunting. Then he leaves giving you the cold shoulder worried about Andrew. You sit beside Ramoul who leans down close and
is he going to kiss me please do
no i want andrew
i'm dead
who is crystal
can i go home
13. Cliffhanger will you go back for part 2
no tell me now
jerk how could you
mabe i'll come.back

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