The City of The Ancients

There are so few people who can be coualifaied for the ascended beens.You need to know evrything to become one of them so by taking this quiz you will show us how big fan of SGA you are.. this quiz will show you how smart you are and how bug fan of stargate altantis you are and how often you watch it and how exited you are from the release of the new stuffs about the show.

Created by: d0brin of DPProductions
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1. How many towers does Atlantis have?
2. Why Atlantis enters into lockdown?
Because an system error ocurried
Because Atlantis detected a biological Infection
Because there was an infection coused by the ancients
Because the leader of Atlantis made it
Because it was an atmosphere anomaly
Because there was to many solar radiation
3. How the main tower of Atlantis is been destroyed?
It was destroyed by the Wraiths
It was destroyed by the Replicators
It was never destroyed
It falls by itself
It was destroyed by the Replicators
In the years it was broken and falldown
4. Who is the main Atlantis supporter?
Dr. Zelenka
Col. Carter
Col. Sheppard
Dr. MacKey
Dr. Keller
Dr. Becket
5. Who of the scientis does Sam ahtes mostly.
Dr. MacKey
Dr. Biro
Dr. Keller
Dr. Zelenka
Dr. Becket
No one
6. Whare does Tayla got pregnant?
In Atlantis
In a Puddle Jumper
In the New Athos
In the Episode Harmony
On the middle land
She is not pregnant
7. What kind of thing the SGA teams bring back to atlantis and it couses a sleeping porblems.
A food
A palnt
A crystal
A rock
A trophy
A book
8. How does Sheppard get tothe control room and turns off the Beacon in when the city was accidentaly fall in lockdown?
He flew
He climbed
He jumped
He was drivven by the Puddle Jumper
It wasnt him
He rolled over
9. How does turns off the power of the city in the episode "Quarantine"
He flew
He climbed
He jumped
He pass trough a ventilation shaft
It wasnt him
He couldn't
10. What is the Middle NAme of Rodney ___ MacKey?
11. How many people there was in the messhall when the lockdown from Hot Zone activates?
A lot
Over 1000
Over 100000
A bunch of people
4 to 5
12. What is Atlantis Actually?
Real city
A computer gprahic
A 3D Computer model
A real model in a pool
It doesnt exists
Cant say it

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