the biology quiz

science's complexity rages out in tree diagrams and mathematic accurations that only geeks can handle. please try not to be tempted by silly answers or you will be given a bad response. (not really)

are you a science geek? (note: this probably won't help you decide, but it is quite fun! please enjoy your fantastic quiz I mean, my fantastic quiz and try not to get too many quiestions wrong!

Created by: sandy
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. what is the name of the green pigmented and catalyzed substance in a photosynthetic organisms cell?
hydrochloric acid
sodium liquidized
what the hell does it matter? it just works!
4. what is ATP short for?
anaerobic trisophisticated
anedosine triphosphate
A tedious prescription
Aerotisodium preschroloarld
5. what is the fundemental mollecule that makes up protons and neutrons
6. what is the antibacterial substance in saliva and tears?
bacteriophage acid
7. what is the process in virology where a nucleocaspid enters the cytoplasm?
busting the cell in half
enveloping in a plasma membrane
8. what is the name of the part of the cerbellum that controls volantary activity?
somatosensory cortex
cerebral cortex
visual cortex
9. what hormone is produced via a pancreatic duct?
it's so complicated I can't explain
10. what element degrades mollecules?
11. how does one cell work?
by putting a sticky glue on itself.
by eating the rest of your body.
it's too complicated to even think about!
what a stupid question!
what stupid answers!
none of the above. (not enough space to explain)
12. which of the following is not extinct?
they are all extinct
stupid question...
whats a tyrannosaurus?
13. which of these is the stupidest question?
who are you?
what is this?
can a kangaroo ride a motorbike?
this has nothing to do with science! how dare you!
what a waste of questions
I am trying to be patient but...

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