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In 2010 Bristol rock band Alien Stash Tin published The Ultimate Alien Stash Tin Quiz, a lot has happened since then, so here is the sequel. Another just for fun test of your knowledge of one of the UKs least known rock outfits

So how is your knowledge of AST from 2010- 2017? Where you at any of the festivals or tours? Did you get your hands on any of the singles and albums here in described? Take this short quiz of fun questions and see HOW STASHY ARE YOU?

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1. Alien Stash Tins second album was released in 2012, what is it called?
On A Pin Stripe Planet
Four Go Wild In Orbit
Inter-Galactic Skid Mark
The Second Album
2. Which cult rocker made a guest appearance in the comic strip style video for Another Gig In Wales?
Pete Williamson of Anubis
Su Wainwright of Cauda Pavonis
Steve Grimmet of Grim Reaper
Wayne Doyle of V0iD
Dave Brock of Hawkwind
Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead
3. Two other singles were released from The Pinstripe Planet album, Song For Rachel and All Riot Now. Who directed the videos for them?
Jon Jon Gould
Roy Delaney
Tom Hart
James 'Mystic Jim' Cogan
Jon Wisbey
Ridley Scott
4. In 2012 the band played which major UK festival?
The Bulldog Bash
Beautiful Days
T in the Park
5. In 2014 AST played at the Fire and Forge festival in Trowbridge for the first time. Which legendary NWOBHM outfit headlined that day?
Grim Reaper
Iron Maiden
Diamond Head
6. November 5th 2014 saw the release of the single Grind 'Em Down to celebrate the band playing support to which iconic psyche rock band?
Here and Now
The Pillbugs
Strontium Dog
7. Which part of the AST mythos first appeared at that aforementioned gig?
Bingo The Magic Pixie
The Badger God
ET Probey
The Jondroid
Keytar Bill
Dangerous Bruce
8. Also in 2014 the band played at a mini festival called 'Independence Day - An Alien Encounter' in which town?
Stow On The Wold
9. Independence Day - An Alien Encounter was the forerunner to the highly successful Solarsphere festival. In which Welsh town is Solarsphere held?
Builth Wells
Llandrindod Wells
10. AST are regular performers at Solarsphere. Which post punk legend headlined solo over AST at the 2015 event?
Justin Sullivan (New Model Army)
Polystyrene (X-Ray Spex)
Billy Idol (Generation X)
Paul Luxx (The Bolsheviks)
Steve Pond (Krankshaft)
Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers)
11. To co-inside with the 2016 Solarsphere festival AST issued a new single You Make My Motor Run. What previously unreleased demo cut was featured as the 'b-side'?
One Song Woman
People In The Sky
Little England
I Am The One
Join The Party
Spank The Monkey
12. In December 2016 the band released a studio improvisation as a one off free give away single, what was it called?
Daft Dentist
Crazy Consultant
Mad Doctor
Nutty Nurse
Mental Midwife
Potty Paedeotrician
13. ASTs third studio album is due for release in Feb 2018. What is its title?
Number 6
People In The Sky
Another AST Album
Tales From Little England

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