Texting - how well do you know it?

There are many people who use texting language, but few who know what this language really means. Some just use it because their friends do, while others use it to be 'cool'.

Do you know the texting language? Do you just use it because your friends do? Or do you really understand the hidden meaning behind this mysterious language? Thanks to this quiz, you can find out!

Created by: Streamshine
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1. Let's start with an easy one: Lol
Little orange lions
Laugh out loud
Love orange lollipops
2. What about: Rofl?
Roll on floor laughing
Ripples on favourite lake
Rain oranges, for laughter
3. A little harder: Brb
Be ringing back
Blow red balloons
Be right back
4. Next: Gtg
Got to go
Great to go
Good to go
5. Following that: Idk
I don't kick
I don't know
I didn't know
6. How about: Wtf?
What's this fish
Which table's free
What the f***
7. After that: Bb
Big baboons
Bye bye
Brave beasts
8. Now: Tmr
Tall mean raccoons
Two more races
9. Easy one: Cu
See uniforms
Cute umbrella
See you
10. Choose a symbol. Choose wisely; this will affect your score.

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