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There are many smart people. People across the world against you. Think about it, how much more do they know? Maybe your smarter than all of them. I could've made a quiz that tested the minds of sheer geniuses, with mathematics, science, and such. Thats another quiz, another time. But whats more important than religion, especially Islam? mmm. Can't think of any. Are you a genius when it comes to Islam?

Are you the smartest of them all!!? Do you have what it takes to be the best and to hold the prestigoius title!!!? Are you ready to compete against the 'MILLIONS AND MILLIONS' across the nation!!!!? Well now is you chance!!!!

Created by: Abdihamid
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1. All the following are prophets in Islam, EXCEPT:
Elijah Muhammad
2. Hadith is:
A verse from the Qur'an
The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad
A verified statement or saying of the Prophet Muhammad
The name of an angel
3. All of the following are pillars of Islam, EXCEPT:
4. The difference between Sunni & Shi'a Islam is:
A doctrinal difference on the meaning of Allah
A political disagreement on the issue of leadership
A disagreement about the role of the Prophet Muhammad
A disagreement about how battles should be waged
5. In Islam, Mary is:
The mother of a figure who started a religious cult
A revered figure and virgin who miraculously gave birth to Jesus
A woman who claimed she gave birth to God's only son
A historical figure who has no role in Islam
6. The word "Islam" means:
Justice and peace
Peace achieved through submission to God
Peace achieved through submission to the Prophet's message
The spread of peace around the world
7. Islam's holiest city is:
8. The Hajj pilgrimage was originally started by:
9. Allah is:
The name of a distinct God that only Muslims worship
The name of God in Arabic
The name of God in Aramaic
A revered prophet in Islam
10. "Jihad" means:
Holy War
The inner struggle one endures to practice Islam
The physical struggle necessary to make Islam the world's dominant religion
Victory in the name of Islam
11. What is NOT prohibited in Islam?
Eating pork
Drinking alcohol
Eating fish
Premarital sex
12. The Prophet's first wife was all of the following, EXCEPT:
Older than he
A teenager
His only wife during the duration of their marriage
An affluent businesswoman
His closest confidante and companion
13. Which angel was charged with bringing the Qur'anic revelations to the Prophet Muhammad?
14. In Islam, "People of the Book" are:
Anybody who can read
Jews and Christians
15. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do all of the following, EXCEPT:
Refrain from food and drink from dawn till dusk
Refrain from sexual activity for the entire month.
Refrain from gossiping.
Give more to charity.
16. According to Islam, Jesus is all of the following, EXCEPT:
A figure who raised the dead
The result of a virgin birth
A prophet who spoke in his crib
17. In the Qur'an,
Adam and Eve are both responsible for the Fall.
Only Eve is responsible for the Fall.
Only Adam is responsible for the Fall.
Neither Adam nor Eve is responsible for the Fall. The story of Adam and Eve does not exist in the Qur'an
18. Which story is NOT in the Qur'an?
Adam and Eve
Abraham's sacrifice of his son
Noah's ark
Jesus' crucifixion

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