Teh Test of Nerdness

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Pathabeo said:
Aug 4 '12, 9:29PM

Huh? I was under the impression that this was a general nerd test when I clicked on it but it most definitely isn't! It's a gamer/ computer nerd test! If I'd known that I wouldn't have wasted those 2 minutes of my life on it!

TheDev4sion said:
Jun 14 '11, 2:36PM

im a nerd and i only got 5% and WHAT THE FU** IS B3TA

smartgirl115 said:
Jan 7 '11, 4:36PM

25% nerd ovr here :-P

martin_bluck said:
Jul 8 '08, 1:22PM

You are 8% nerd!

How did you even manage to complete this test? Contact Bliss for some help with your terrible problem ;)

Puppy xo1 said:
Jul 8 '08, 11:08AM

You are 2% nerd!

How did you even manage to complete this test?

hahahaha.. ......who knows these stuff?.....

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