Take my quiz and like it

Take my quiz will ya. It's a good one. This took awhile so take it. I has nothing to do with you as a person, just for fun, and to see if you like doing these quizes and stuff like this, and that and quizes and stuff. So take it, and enjoy your results.

What do you tend to do? What sports do you like? Take my little quiz to find out how stupid this may be and other stuff. In a few minutes you will find out what I think of you. I KEED. Just take it and don't take the results to heart too much you nerd.

Created by: Al
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you wear glasses?
4. Do you like star wars?
I love star wars
no, star wars is for nerds
only the classic ones
only the newer ones
I like both new and older
5. Do you like star trek?
I love star trek
I like only the movies
I like only the shows
I like both
I like the next generation eps
6. Which movie(s) do you like the best?
Harry Potter movie series
Lord of the rings movie series
The rocky movies
The Saw movies
Don't like any of them
7. Do you like politics?
politics give me a headache
I love debates
I like to argue from time to time
8. What kind of beer do you like best?
bud light
miller light
natural light
something to get me a buzz goin
no beer here, just mixers
9. How about them detroit lions?
I love the lions, always will
Lions suck, but they're my team
I might have to jump ship
I like another team
Go Bears!!! Bear down.
I like the lions, but they need to make the right moves.
10. What sport do you like the best?
11. Which musician would you listen to most?
Dave Matthews
Anything that is good...
12. Have you ever smoked jib?
I've tried it
What's jib?
No, never have
13. How often do you talk to your significant other in one day?
Talk quite a bit
After work
Whenever I can get a chance
I don't have a other
14. This is gay?
It's fun

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