St. Patricks Day Trivia Quiz

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Deathblade said:
Feb 14 '18, 12:28AM


Beanie boo crazy said:
Mar 28 '16, 6:48PM

Emm that was wierd i live in ireland but not telling where because privasie im irish i got 80% ok well were was he born anyways?somewhere in england

irishborn said:
Mar 15 '13, 12:42PM

march 17 th is date patrick died quiz says im wrong and its date of birth sorry quiz is wrong

samantha_jbg said:
Oct 6 '12, 12:59PM

80% wow im ashamed cos im Irish :c I should have got 100% well anyway Cooool quiz!!!!!

JaceyJean said:
Dec 13 '11, 8:42PM

90% lol my birth day is on st. patricks day march 17th baby

hayleymurph said:
Jan 11 '10, 10:47PM

100%..maybe because im irish :L
Pog mo hon!

britishbabe said:
Oct 13 '08, 12:59PM

30% i'm english but i love irish people!!

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