St. Edward History Quiz

How well do you know the History of St. Edward Church and St. Edward? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes, you will find out.

Are you smart enough to find the answers to this quiz if you don't know the answers. Have you got the brainpower to master the quiz? A perfect score of 100% will place you with a honor of "St. Edward History Buff Genius."

Created by: Deb Hereford
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1. Who built the church?
Local town people
A group of Priests from Bardstown
The Archdiocese of Louisville
Bishop Benedict Joseph Flaget, Bishop of Bardstown
Edward's Construction Company
2. For how many years parishioners attended "the little church in the town square".
Almost 100 Years
Exactly 52 Years
Just Under 75 Years
Over 200 Years
Just Under 10
Over 70 Years
3. In the summer of 1960, construction of a new church began, to be situated on Sue Helen Drive in Charlane Heights, Jeffersontown, where it is still located. When was the first Mass offered?
June 1970
July 1969
February 1961
April 1963
September 1965
November 1975
4. What is St. Edward the Confessor is most famous for being?
A college professor in Normandy
King of England
A famous artist
A monk at an Abby
An assistant to the Pope
A fisherman in Rome
5. St. Edward's Feast Day is when?
January 5
October 31
January 31
February 9
October 13
August 15
6. St. Edward founded what Monastery?
Bath Abbey
Durham Cathedral
Glastonbury Abbey
Fountains Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Tintern Abbey
7. To whom did St. Edward dedicate his monistary in honor of?
King Henry II
St. Peter
St. George
King Ethelred II
Alexander III
The Church of England
8. St. Edward is noted for what trait?
generous to the poor
helpful to mothers in need
forgiving his subjects sins
giving his art work freely to display in Churches
giving fishing vessels to the Pope
making world peace
9. Edward's depiction in art is consistent with what details of his biography?
a short man with a round face, red hair, and tanned skin
a man dressed in simple clothing with a long grey beard
a tall man with a long face, blonde hair and beard, ruddy complexion, and long, thin fingers
a monk with braided hair and a hat with a silver feather
dressed in green most of the time
wore a crown of thorns
10. This statement can be said about St. Edward
He only rode horses that he tamed himself
He had a close working relationship with the papacy
His sword is always displayed in a fishermans net
He had seven sons
He never ate meat
He was never in England

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