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Can you beat the best sport quiz I have included all the best sports except football. Can you do the best of the best and get an amazing score that you can be proud of.

Come and take this quiz do you know your Rugby or cricket or american football well see now and try and make genius grade not many can are you one of a select few geniuses left in the world of sport.

Created by: aidan linge

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  1. who won the 2007 nfl superbowl
  2. Who was voted the best player of the 2008 rugby league world cup
  3. Who sank the winning put of the 2008 ryder cup
  4. Who is the current PDC world darts champion (2008 champ)
  5. What Rugby Union star won a race against a cheetah
  6. Usain Bolt's nickname is
  7. What three countries were the only ones that Britian ended below
  8. Where was the England cricket captian Kevin Pietersen born
  9. Which player won the tennis masters cup 2008
  10. At the handing over of the olympic hosting to London mayor Boris Johnson claimed the sport Wiff-Waff is coming home what is Wiff-Waff better known as

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