Sorting Hat Personality Quiz

This quiz will tell you which house you belong in. It may not be as accurate as what the real Sorting Hat would say, but it is worth a try. If you are tires of the obvious questions, like "do you prefer red, blue, yellow or green?", this quiz will not disappoint you (I hope...)

Do you belong in Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin or Hufflepuff? This quiz will tell you everything. Just try it please I swear you will not be -too- disappointed.

Created by: Lily
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3. You see someone cheating during a test. The person is neither a friend nor someone you don't like. What do you do?
You ask them to let you cheat too, using whatever they are using to do so. As well make the best out of this.
You immediately report them to a teacher. Cheating is simply not acceptable.
You disapprove but do not say anything. What they do with their life has nothing to do with you.
You smirk and laugh at their lack of discretion. Nobody will ever catch YOU cheating, although you cheat all the time.
You catch up with them after the test and try to explain to them that cheating is not the right solution, and that they will never achieve anything after school unless they start studying right now.
You catch up with them after the test and warn them that if they don't tell the teacher they cheated, you will.
4. You find out that your friend is auditioning for the same role as you in the school musical, and you both really want to get the part.
You confront them and yell at them for trying to steal the part from you and crushing your dreams. You never thought that them would do something like that to you, and you will not talk to them again unless they erase themselves from the list.
You are upset and but soon forgive them. The bond of friendship is stronger than anything. Unless they get the part. But then again, you'd probably forgive them after a week or two.
You get really excited: you will be able to practice together! However, you try not to think about what will happen after one of you gets the part. You are afraid that whether you get the part or not, your friendship will suffer.
You don't mind: whoever is best will get the part, that's only fair! You want what is best for the musical.
You instantly erase your name from the list. Your friend's happiness is more important than yours.
You audition all the same, but decide that if you get the part, you will quit the musical and let your friend have the part.
5. Two of your friends are arguing over what to have for lunch, and you are starting to lose patience.
You randomly choose one of the choices and accept no more arguing.
You state that the one to choose the menu will be the one to pay for it.
You choose something that neither of them had thought of and that hopefully will satisfy them.
You have your heart set on yet something else and and end up arguing with them, too.
You just pick the simplest or cheapest option.
You offer to have lunch together tomorrow, too, that way one of them gets to choose what to eat today, and the other tomorrow.
6. You unfortunately happen to have a crush on your friend.
You tell them right away. You have noticed the way they look at you and you are fairly sure that they return your feelings.
You tell them, even if you do not think that the feeling is mutual. You cannot stand to keep something so important to yourself.
You start flirting with them at every chance you've got. They will not be able to resist you.
You wait until you're drunk, or at least until they think you are drunk, and kiss them. If they reject you, you will just say that you were not thinking straight.
You try to investigate, collect very little detail, the way they touch you, the way they look at you..., and only tell them about your feelings if you are sure that they feel the same.
You keep it for yourself. You would not risk your friendship over anything.
7. How you you feel about death?
You are extremely afraid of death, and you would do anything to stay alive, even making Horcruxes, or becoming a vampire, or whatever.
You only fear Hell. You try to live an examplary life to go to Heaven.
You fear death and try to take as little risks as possible.
You are not afraid of death. Everything happens for a reason, if you die, them you were meant to die.
You are not afraid of death. You believe that, after you are dead, you simply cease to exist, and then you will not be able to regret anything.
You actually attempted suicide several times.
8. Which among those is your favourite landscape?
A magnificent, fairy tale-like castle.
A forest, full of wonders, waterfalls and rivers.
A forest, mysterious, with tall dark trees with big, strangely-shaped roots.
A sunny beach, with warm sand and beautiful shells.
A mysterious castle, with high, twisted towers, maybe some broken windows, with a haunted look about i.
A clearing, calm and relaxing, with green grass and flowers.
9. What most defines your friends?
The popular kids. You would not risk your lives for one another, but you get along fine.
The people who will always be there for you, and who you will always be there for. You are not exactly popular, but the popular ones respect you.
You are part of the stoner group. You are misunderstood by almost everyone but your friends always get you.
You don't really have any friends. You are a bit of a loner.
Your friends are the ones nobody else wanted as a friend. You are all different but that only strengthens your bond.
You don't have one group of friends, you stay with whoever will have you.
10. Which of the following best describes you?
Smart, determined, not caring about what others think of you, strong.
Shy, a bit of a loner, but very friendly when people get to know you.
Popular, you dress nice and look nice and everybody admires you.
You feel misunderstood, confused and you don't really know where your place is.
You love too easily and often get hurt, but you do not hold grudges, you try to get people to like you, but sometimes you do not really know how to do it and end up disappointed or hurt.
Caring, nice, always there for everyone. You always know the right thing to say, and people often come to you for advice.
11. Which describes best you dressing style?
Mini skirt, see-through top, plunging neckline... In one word: sexy.
Sporty, large trousers, tee-shirt. You care more about what is inside.
Skinny jeans, Converse, cute top. Casual but attractive.
Dresses with flower designs in summer and cute little girl-like but hot outfits in winter.
Anything fashionable and expensive. You want to be on top.
Anything you find. You don't have time to choose your clothes on morning, you just grab the first outfit you find.
12. What would you most like to be?
A werewolf
A pixie
A vampire
An elf
A dwarf
A centaur

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