So You Think You Know the Bible?

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Camelia said:
Dec 30 '14, 1:41PM

I got 100%. It was pretty easy:)

kittykit said:
Feb 19 '12, 3:37PM

haha! i got half way and im only 10! beat that old ppl!

Canderous said:
Jun 17 '11, 7:10PM

87% wewt!

redeemed said:
Sep 21 '10, 6:40PM

79% Great Job. Thanks and God Bless you. I should have known that Josiah was 8 not 12 when he became king, Moses was adopted not stolen or forced to become son, Shammah is in Deuteronomy and not in Numbers as I supposed.

Sarah Soda Slim said:
Feb 28 '09, 11:23AM


dRuMmEr4JeSuS said:
Feb 19 '09, 4:04PM

yea i agree more and more difficult

wapygirl13 said:
Dec 31 '08, 8:13PM

good quiz, but u should add more questions and make them more complicated. :)

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