Should you have kids?

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otty said:
Jul 23 '14, 9:55AM

i love kids i do oh and if i want kids i will have em weather u like it or not

chyna said:
Jun 12 '12, 11:52AM

You are one of those individuals who believe kids should not be seen or heard and are best with ketchup and or BBQ sauce. Steer clear of all playgrounds and public lavatories. WTF I LUV KIDS, AND THINK SOMEONE ACTUALLY REDO THIS DAMN QUIZ -_-

pohysco sic said:
Sep 3 '09, 7:04PM

what a bunch of s---, im jus about to have my first kid and for their matter of fact i loe kids i dnt think they shuld b shut away etcetc . sumone shuld redo this quiz

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