seven minutes in heaven(hot guys)

Ever wondered what it is like to make out with the hottest guy ever? To be seven minutes in intimacy with a true fitty? Some guys are hot, but none are hotter than this! You can do what you want with them! seven whole minutes with a hot guy to do what you want!

So what happens at Sarah's party? Do you get the guy of your dreams or just the guy second? Go to Sarah's party and have a lot of fun, all in the form of a quiz, but don't do anything stupid, you'll regret it later when you're stuck with the freak.

Created by: Sara
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. "Dear ____, you're invited to my party, there'll be hot guys, all your mates and 7 minutes in heaven!!! coming or not?"
I'm SO there!
I suppose I'll go
I don't know...
no, I cant be bothered
no way!!
4. so you're being forced to go even if you didn't want to! You get there and see all these hot guys, plus your best friends. Who do you talk to?
I talk to the hot guys duh!
My friends duh!
I like to go for a healthy mix
I sit on my own
5. Sarah comes up and talks to you so you get chatting. "so which guy do you like the most so far?" she asks and winks.
They're all FIT.
they're all okay
none of them are hot
I like HIM!
my boyfriend duh!
6. You start eating some Doritos and Josh, the REALLY hot guy, comes and says hi. You have to think of something cool to say!
hey how are you?
hey wassup?
yo man hows it hangin?
7. Sarah, the host, comes round with a bag of little bits of paper. "Everyone has to pick a number out of the bag!" she shouts. You're up first.
8. Sarah winks, "nice choice!" she says. Everyone else picks a number and then starts to dance to the music, you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror at your..
blonde hair
brown hair
ginger hair
black hair
dyed an unnatural colour hair(lol)
9. You are called downstairs and find that Sarah is stressing. "Oh how could I be so stupid? New plan, choose a letter each, they corresopond with a hidden number so you wont know who you're with!"
10. You sit down ready for seven minutes in heaven. Jenny is up first. She gets Toby, the hot emo kid. She runs out crying because all they did was discuss how much Toby loves Sarah. Later Toby asks you whether he should ask Sarah out, you say..
NO! It's stupid because look at Jenny!
go for it, it's your life
don't worry about earlier it was a stupid game.
bad idea!!
11. next up is Sarah and Toby groans. She gets Kahari, the hot, yet unpopular kid. When the cupboard opens after seven minutes, the two are having sex.
stop it and remind them where they are!
watch, intruiged.
look away, cooly.
12. Finally it's your turn, you look around at all the guys and Sarah takes a breath to tell you who you got..
"you got..."
"and you get.."

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